She’s “THIS” big!

My Mother was such a good cook!  We had a coal fire in the kitchen, with a built-in oven.  Whether it was family-picked black current, blackberry or apple tarts, steak or corned-beef pie, or any other number of gorgeous home-made goodies, she blamed all this family cooking as the reason for why she put on weight later in life!

Lil - about 1955

As a young woman, Lil was always slim; not so later in life, when Steve and I knew her: she was cuddly!  I think she started putting on weight when she was pregnant with me (aged 36) but lost it again by the time she conceived Steve, at 38 (she delievered Steve about 6 weeks after her 39th birthday).  Then the weight was back on again!  The photo on the right was taken about 1955, two years before I came along.

When Steve and I were children, about the age of 6 & 4, we were playing in the ‘dirt’ at the bottom of the garden.  In those days, we only had an outside loo, something which most young people in Britain today have never heard of (thankfully!)  Winters were horrendous, and I can remember holding a candle to the lead pipes just to stop them freezing over and bursting.

David & Steve in the dirt

Anyway, I digress.  Steve and I were in the garden and Lil was in the loo.  There was a gap in the door and she could see and hear us playing. Then she heard …

Steve said “Mama’s FAT!”  Correcting him, I said “No she isn’t!” … and then stretched my arms out as wide as I could, and I said “she’s just THIS big”.  She loved telling people that story!

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