50 years: The Sexual Offences Act 1967

Celebrating 27 July 1967, the 1st partial decriminalisation of male homosex, and the victories to equality won over these past 50 years


You will be more old on Friday!

I took one sip and BANG! my poor head was gone! 

Love is …

There’s a time for living, and a time for dying.

[Not] The angel of death!

    This is one of two stories I’ll tell you about a hospice I used to visit as a priest.  I used to visit the hospice every couple of days or so.  The staff new I was a registered nurse, as well as a local Catholic priest.  Some days I’d go in early in…

Imagine having your bum pinched … by Rupert Everett!

More tales from the Coleherne What amazing fortune that I paid heed to all those people who have told me I should write my autobiography!  Okay, well I’m not quite up for that, but it is a joy dotting down some stories, every now and again, for these memoires.  Little could I have imagined what…