Out In Force

Yes, I exclaimed … I’m bisexual!


Tales of the Coleherne

My heart would be pounding as I got on the underground and headed for Earl’s Court … it seemed that there were more men ‘like me’ … some even used to wear pretty coloured hankies in their back pockets!

Her jaw dropped … from his toes up!

Leaving home at 17, and moving into the Nurses’ Home, was my first real chance at anything like a long term relationship.  My boyfriend was Paul.  We were together for about 9 months, during my two years’ orthopædic nursing at the Prince of Wales’ Hospital, Rhyd-Lafar, when we were both about 18, or so.  The…

She’s “THIS” big!

My Mother was such a good cook!  We had a coal fire in the kitchen, with a built-in oven.  Whether it was family-picked black current, blackberry or apple tarts, steak or corned-beef pie, or any other number of gorgeous home-made goodies, she blamed all this family cooking as the reason for why she put on…

“Which position do you play, Mate?”

“Which position did you play, Mate?”  If I had had a pound for every time I have been asked that question, in relation to rugby, I would be rich!  Heavier now in these later years than when I was younger, I am often asked if I played in the front row.  It would be great…